Wolseley UK Environmental Policy 
Wolseley UK’s nationwide branch network, along with its distribution centres, are ISO14001: 2015 certified.
We commit to:
  • Comply with all relevant environmental regulations
  • Prevent and minimise pollution - we will work to avoid polluting the environment through our operations. In the case of an environmentally harmful event, we will take immediate remedial action and will take steps to avoid a repeat occurrence
  • Establish targets, and monitor and report performance against those targets. We set environmental targets, and monitor and report performance for carbon emissions and waste production. We also monitor and report levels of water consumption. The Board and Executive Committee will review environmental performance at least annually. Ferguson Group will publicly state carbon emissions, waste and water figures and performance against set targets on an annual basis
  • Promote continuous improvement - we will work to continually improve our Environmental Management System to enhance environmental performance. All employees will receive necessary training and support to enable them to fulfil the requirements of our Environmental Management System. We will also work to reduce our environmental impacts year on year and to achieve our targets for carbon and waste
  • Reduce environmental impacts in the supply chain. Where possible, we will work with our suppliers and customers to minimise indirect environmental impacts in our supply chain.
  • Communicate performance targets and policies both within our organisation and to relevant external parties.