Part of the Saint-Gobain Group Neville Lumb is dedicated to echoing the group vision on sustainability. Neville Lumb work closely with manufacturers to bring the latest energy and water saving technologies to market, as well as constantly evaluate internal processes to improve and reduce each branches impact on the environment at a local level.


How we approach corporate social responsibility?


As a solution provider.

Saint-Gobain is the world leader in the habitat and construction markets. We develop and deliver products that improve the performance of buildings and enhance the living and working environment. They are designed to meet the needs of today's society, without impacting negatively on tomorrow's world. Almost a third of our sales are for products that directly benefit the environment; primarily through improved energy efficiency.


As a responsible business.

The focus of operation for our manufacturing and distribution businesses is to respect people's rights and opportunities, while protecting the planet. By minimising the depletion of natural resources, improving recycling and the recovery of materials and ensuring the health and welfare of our employees we are able to positively influence the acceptance of sustainable best practice in these areas. Because of our size and reach, this is true not just in our own businesses. Through education, training, advocacy and eco-innovation we are able to move the sustainability agenda forward with our own suppliers and customers.


As a stakeholder.

An organisation of our size and influence has a deep responsibility to set a good example; globally and locally. In the UK & Ireland we are actively involved in government, business and local community initiatives. When we engage with others we do so openly, and collaboratively, and use the perspective we gain from the breadth of knowledge and skills in our business to develop solutions to the challenges we face.