Reliance Worldwide Corporation is a global provider of water control systems and plumbing solutions for domestic, commercial and industrial applications, including valves for the control of pressure, temperature and flow used in the installation of water heaters and hot and cold water systems

RWC UK were pioneers of Thermostatic technology and a pivotal player in the development of unvented hot water systems in the UK. Our range encompasses a multitude of temperature control, flow control, washroom system and safety/heating system products designed for domestic, commercial and industrial applications.

Our latest innovation, SharkBite Push-Fit Plumbing Solutions, enables simple joining of copper, chromed copper, PEX, polybutylene and steel pipework in any configuration without the need for heat or flux. SharkBite fittings and valves provide a quick, easy and reliable application that save installers time, labour and money leaving them free to move on to the next project with complete peace-of-mind