Making water amazing since 1886. We believe that how a shower performs is just as important as how it looks.  That’s why we blend ingenious innovation with beautiful human design.  A pioneer in bathroom plumbing, we are renowned globally for breakthrough shower and tap design and product development, distinctive aesthetics and environmental-mindedness.  

Our award winning design team is based in New Zealand and are driven by understanding how people use our products today and in the future.  We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of ground breaking technology.  Of the five global shower spray technologies available to consumers, Methven exclusively manufactures, retails and owns two – Aurajet™ and Satinjet®.  

Deva by Methven offers a wide range of quality products for both domestic and commercial installations.  Our commercial offering consists of quality durable products that are designed for a variety of environments and meet legislation and regulatory requirements whilst being environmentally minded.