Online 2D & 3D Planner

Use our Online 2D & 3D Planner to quickly create your bathroom designs using generic products. Let us know the brands you’re interested in and with the click of a button we’ll receive your enquiry. We’ll then create high resolution 2D and 3D visuals, find the right products from the suppliers you’ve suggested and provide indicative prices.

Using our 2D/3D Bathroom Planner you begin your drawing in the traditional way by creating a 2D plan with room dimensions. Wall lengths can be specified with millimeter precision and corner angles set to the nearest degree. Then at the touch of a button your plan is transformed into 3D.


Once in the 3D world it is easy to build up the room by importing items from the product ranges available. The objects can easily be moved around, rotated, re-sized and positioned to your requirements.


Launch the Online Planner